Behold! The Jackson crowd-surfing!


Date: 10.12.2011

Happy Wednesday! We hope October is treating you well so far!

This week's strip is drawn by the amazingly talented Rachel Millar! Check out more of her work here!

Thanks again to all who met us at APE! Stick around, we have lots of great stuff coming! In case you missed the show, and your chance to hang out with your new favorite webcomic, Jackson cooked up a little video-blog to re-cap:

We had a blast! The store will be a 100% real soon. Right now, you can pay through paypal, but soon, you will be able to use your credit card directly through the store.

Hope you enjoy the strip & the video, and see you next week!


p.s. There have been some changes to the News & Archive pages. Let us know what you think! Oh, and feel free to leave a comment below!


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