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Date: 3.28.2012

'Morning! Today is a very special day here at 6th Circle: We've hit 100 strips!!! Thanks to everyone who has been reading this far, and we urge you to stick around because we have some badassed things planned for the future (here's a few hints: clockworks, cornbread, and vikings).

To make things a little more special, Sunday, April 1st will be our 2 year anniversary! Huzzah for us for making it longer than some Hollywood marriages! *self-high-five* Again, thanks again for all who have been reading, all who stuck around after we shoved fliers in your face during various conventions, all who bought something at our table, and especially our friends and family who have never wavered in their support of our little project. Thank you all!

In other news, this website caught my attention. Art-culture personality Heidi Minx has been heading up a non-profit human rights awareness project that features the tattoos of political refugees. She sheds a light on ex-prisoners of the strife in Tibet and describes their markings in a powerful collection of documentaries. Give it a look, and see if there's anything you can do to help our inked brothers and sisters.


, -Xander


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