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Date: 7.25.2012

All hail the mighty Batman! Both Jackson and I managed to snag tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises a day early, which gave us a head-start on a few Caped-Crusader themed strips. Be warned, the next few weeks might be very bat-heavy :).

We both enjoyed the hell out of the movie and find that it's a very fitting conclusion to the greatest Batman series we will probably ever see. I was also particularly impressed with Tom Hardy's portrial of Bane. Even with the mask covering 80% of his face, his eyes did most of the acting, and did an amazing job

If you haven't see the film yet, it's definitely one you want to see in the theaters. Go, enjoy, and then come back and read our strips.

Also, later this week, we will have a few pictures up from Comic Con 2012 at our blog. See ya there, Folks!

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, -Xander



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