Behold! The Jackson crowd-surfing!


Date: 8.23.2012

Sorry for the delay in strips this month, folks. To be honest, last week's no-show strip was due to scheduling issues. Between me going out of town for a week, and Jackson's internal calendar being off a day, the script fell through the cracks. As for this week, well, life got ahead of me, and I had zero time to color until today. Sorry again folks, but we (unfortunately) are only human, and life does indeed happen.

On the flip-side! News! We are full steam ahead for APE! Yes, San Francisco's Alternative Press Expo, put on by the fine people of Comic Con International. It's all the awesomeness of SDCC without all the bullshit like flying to San Diego, impossibly long lines and outlandish corporate marketing wherever you go. See you at the Concourse Center!


Check out our new News page. We are starting to roll 6th Circle and Jack & Voytek under one banner: We Doomed! Check that site out for all the updates on our convention appearances, merch production, rants and videos.

Remember, Jack & Voytek updates Fridays!


, -Xander



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