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Date: 9.26.2012

Halo 4 is coming!

For those of you who don't know, the Halo expanded universe is pretty robust and has many toes in classic Sci-Fi (ie: Asimov, Clark, etc.), and I am one of the small group of super-nerds who have read the books based on the video game franchise. I even got one of my artworks published in one of the books: see it here. As far as companies milking a video game franchise for all its worth, Halo is one of the quality ones. We highly recommend it!


We are full steam ahead for APE! Yes, San Francisco's Alternative Press Expo, put on by the fine people of Comic Con International. It's all the awesomeness of SDCC without all the bullshit like flying to San Diego, impossibly long lines and outlandish corporate marketing wherever you go. See you at the Concourse Center!

Also, we will be in Sacramento for 3 straight days of conventions! Days of Terror Con followed by SacCon, both at the Scottish Rite Center near Sacramento State University! See you there!


, -Xander



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