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Date: 5.8.2013

Heya Folks! Happy Wednesday. This week we deviate from our developing story to acknowledge the holidays the passed during the weekend. Hope your hangover from Cinco de Drinko - or -Drinko de Mayo wasn't too bad, and don't forget, May 5th IS Mexican independence day, and don't let any of those sissy history majors tell you different. What do they know, with all their book-learnin' and stuff!

Also Star Wars is awesome, no matter how warped the current incarnations are.

Reminder!:May 18th & 19th we'll be in San Jose for BigWow! ComicFest. Come on by our table and see our new prints & stickers, as well as a couple other new things! We'll be at table AA48, I'll post the event map when it's updated.

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, -Xander



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