Behold! The Jackson crowd-surfing!


Date: 9.11.2013

The gang's all back together again! And with the help of Rayne's new Hell-banero salsa, Jackson & Mike's bad nights will fade away into a burning oblivion.

UPDATE: There's a new wallpaper in the Extras section. Check it out, me Maties!

Also, here's a funny tattoo-related link. It's about mis-quoted Asian character tattoos. Always worth a laugh.

button There's been a major update to the DoomStore! Check it out and see all the new 6th Circle Merch! Here's a small taste: New Button!

Also: FINALLY, Snap's character bio is up. Yeah, yeah it took me a little more than 3 years to post it...but hey! It's up now, so quit yer bitchin'! Check it out here.



Remember to raise a glass today to the brave men & women who died 12 years ago, today. Especially those fallen members of FDNY. You are all remembered & missed.

, -Xander



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