Behold! The Jackson crowd-surfing!


Date: 10.23.2013

This is an actual story told to us by a girl that stopped by the DoomTable at APE. If she's reading this, THANK YOU! We've been laughing about this since the the event.

APE was awesome! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the DoomTable, and especially if you bought any of our humble wares. If you're new here, try starting at the beginning. Stick around, the best is coming ahead! Remember to stay in touch on the Book of Faces, the Twit-verse & on the Instagrams.

UPDATE: I call ye attetion to new the wallpaper in the Extras section. Check it out, me Maties:

wallpaper01Also: FINALLY, Snap's character bio is up. Yeah, yeah it took me a little more than 3 years to post it...but hey! It's up now, so quit yer bitchin'! Check it out here.




, -Xander







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